Building future neighbourhoods in harmony

Specialists in stakeholder engagement, public consultation and negotiation

Public consultations are a requirement for any development project. Effectively working alongside communities to ensure their ideas and concerns are met and addressed is an important part of delivering a development project on time and within budget.

As experienced planning consultants we understand the challenges and potential interferences that can lead to delays in your plans.  Community groups are an important resource for ideas and opinions and working together sites can be developed for the greater good of future generations. Delivering vital housing resource within the area.

Our stakeholder engagement service provides vital information from public consultations, community research and negotiations to ensure residents are on board and supportive of development plans.  It’s our aim to rid of the ‘them and us’ that so often presents itself, to achieve an acceptance of the new housing  and an appreciation of what the development will bring to the local community.


We take seriously the concerns of communities, but equally importantly, we work hard to identify solutions to those concerns in a constructive and objective way.


Looking to develop a Neighbourhood Plan?

With the Localism Act 2011 communities can develop Neighbourhood Plans, we are well placed to work with parishes and residents groups to develop a plan to meet their objectives.

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