Did you know?……. Facts from The Home Builders Federation

Date posted: June 19, 2014

There are many statistics that you may be shocked to read when it comes to home building throughout the UK.  The need for more homes can’t go ignored and whilst new developments may feel as if they are popping up frequently across the UK, these provide vital, much needed housing and funding for continual community developments.

  • In 2012/13 England had one of the lowest house building rates since 1923 – there were just 108,190 completions.
  • First time buyers are at record lows.  Eight out of ten first-time buyers require financial help from family or friends, and the average age of unassisted first-time buyers has soared.
    • Close to a fifth of women and a third of men aged between 20 and 34 are still living at home.
    • Social Housing Waiting Lists have almost doubled in the last 10 years to 1.85 million households; around 5 million people are waiting for a home.
    • 76,000 children live in temporary accommodation and 250,000 families in social housing are in over-crowded accommodation.
    • We need to build at least 220,000 homes a year in order to meet new household projections.  Household projections predict the number of new households that will form over a given time period, in this case between 2011 – 2021.
    • This figure does not take account of the historical undersupply of homes.  In the country there remains a backlog of pent up demand.  Building 220,000 homes a year should be viewed as a minimum figure, the baseline number of homes the country needs on an annual basis.

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