Neighbourhood Planning

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of a neighborhood. Typically it contains a vision,
aims, planning policies, proposals for improving the area or providing new facilities. It may deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues including housing, employment and transport.

All communities now have the right to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, setting out policies on the development and use of land in a parish or neighbourhood area. The Neighbourhood Plan will show how the level of growth identified in the Core Strategy/Local Plan is to be met or exceeded.

Why produce a Neighbourhood Plan?

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan can help communities to play a greater role in determining the future of their area. It is not a tool to stop development where it is already included in the Core Strategy/Local Plan; it gives communities the opportunity to shape what that planned growth will look like and where additional growth might go.

Looking to develop a Neighbourhood Plan?

With the Localism Act 2011 communities can develop Neighbourhood Plans, we are well placed to work with parishes and residents groups to develop a plan to meet their objectives.

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