Building Trust, Reliability and Support for your Interests

With any development proposal there are different interests and opinions to be represented and discussed.  It’s important to consider the viewpoints of all project stakeholders from developers, residents on the parameter of the development, wider communities and interest groups.

From understanding what the development may bring to the area, to unknown objections and community concerns it is important that project stakeholders are given the opportunity to discuss and negotiate conflicting ideas.

At such occasions it is beneficial to have experienced representation, well equipped with planning knowledge and negotiation skills.  The team at Neighbourhood Blueprint are here to do exactly that.

We see our role to make sure clients, local communities and other stakeholders connect in a positive manner to allow for free and open communications.

Compromise and a willingness to meet in the middles is often difficult to achieve, but with the right knowledge, approach and experience we can help.


Looking to develop a Neighbourhood Plan?

With the Localism Act 2011 communities can develop Neighbourhood Plans, we are well placed to work with parishes and residents groups to develop a plan to meet their objectives.

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