The Localism Act 2011

The Localism Act passed in 2011 requires public consultation for all but minor planning applications. That is anyone likely to be affected by the proposed developments must be consulted, giving the opportunity for objection and negotiation governing their local area.

What The Localism Act says:
Applicants are expected to “publicise the proposed application in such manner as the person reasonably considers is likely to bring the proposed application to the attention of a majority of the persons who live at, or otherwise occupy, premises in the vicinity of the land“.

Applicants will also need to “have regard to any responses to the consultation received, publicise the timeline for consultation, and, upon submitting an application, set out how they have complied with the above, what responses were received during the consultation period, and what account was taken of those responses.

How Neighbourhood Blueprint can help you
The team at Neighbourhood Blueprint are here to make sure you comply with the Act and successfully consult and advise local communities and stakeholders.

Our campaigns focus on successful consultation and negotiation. Based on our combined industry experience we tailor every consultation to make it work for our clients.